Howling on Hold, a gay paranormal romance by E.J. Russell

Cover design by L.C. Chase

Howling on Hold

A Mythmatched story

Sometimes it’s harder to teach a young dog new tricks.

That’s why werewolves embark on a Howling: a three-year rite of passage in which they’re sent to a group residence to wrestle with their wolfy instincts and assimilate into the Wider World. But Tanner Araya’s Howling is almost over, and he could be called back to his remote pack at any moment. His twenty-first birthday might be his last chance to act on his strongest instinct and finally kiss Chase Denney.

Chase is RA at the Howling residence affectionately dubbed “the Doghouse,” and he takes his job seriously. So seriously that when he realized he was developing feelings for a resident, he forced himself to keep Tanner at a distance. But now that Tanner’s twenty-one, he’s not Chase’s charge any longer. They could be friends or—if Chase is lucky—something more. At least until they both return to their home packs for good, as tradition demands.

It would take a miracle for them to get together—especially when the other Doghouse werewolves insist on “helping.”

Warning: Many Frisbees are harmed in this story, forgiveness is not always easier than permission, and the five-second rule does not apply.

There are a few interesting twist and turns in this novel and the idea that all these guys were in this college dormitory-like atmosphere to work out the wolfy kinks before going into the big bad world was a delightfully funny and original premise.

Joyfully Jay

I loved the couple and the plot of the story that Howling on Hold gives the readers. I was engaged right from the start and enjoyed it all the way through. Definitely another recommended read from E.J. Russell and I’m hoping we get to hear more from these characters again in the future.

Jessie G Books

This is a book that I would read again when I need a pick-me-up read or something light and fun. Go read it!

Rainbow Book Reviews

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