Summer Kitchen, M/M contemporary small-town romance

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Summer Kitchen, M/M contemporary romance audiobook

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Summer Kitchen

Saving Home, Book One


The foolproof recipe for personal redemption and perfect love…


  • One former rock musician
  • One almost-MBA turned cooking school student
Add two heaping spoonfuls (each) of:
  • responsibility
  • familial obligation
  • regret
And a dash of:
  • misunderstanding (optional)
Stir together in:
  • one small Vermont town
Season with:
  • friends
  • family
  • foes
  • and one large ginger feline
Garnish with:
  • validation
  • laughter
  • just deserts (also desserts)
 Simmer for one entire summer before serving up a delicious (well-deserved) HEA. Bon Appetit!



Award-winning author

E.J. Russell

romance and mystery (reality optional)

  • 100% introvert
  • product, not process
  • always tea, never coffee
  • sooo not a visual person
Stealth rainbow

I fell absolutely head over heels in love with her particular style.

— Will Knauss, The Big Gay Fiction Podcast


The Queen of paranormal rom-com…

— Meghan Maslow, author of the Starfig Investigation series


I’m always delighted to see a new story by this author, because there’s always a novel perspective on traditional tropes and myths.

— The Reading Addict

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At the moment, I’m only offering ebooks and audiobooks there, but who knows what might be coming in the future. I hope you’ll check it out!


And speaking of Kindle Unlimited...

I’ve officially pulled all my independently published books out of Kindle Unlimited. They’re still be available for purchase on Amazon, but I’ve made the choice to move to other distribution channels that are less restrictive. Books that aren’t enrolled in Kindle Unlimited can participate in other subscription services like Kobo Plus and Everand, and of course, libraries.

Pro tip: If you want to see your favorite M/M authors in libraries, you can request them from your friendly librarian, and they might be able to accommodate you, budget permitting, and provided the books aren’t in Kindle Unlimited. (KU terms of service prevent the ebooks from being offered anywhere but Amazon.)

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