Art Medium series is available for pre-order from Riptide!

The Artist’s Touch and Tested in Fire, the first two titles in my Art Medium series, are available for pre-order from Riptide! These books are what I’ve started calling my “supernatural romantic suspense” genre, which also includes the Legend Tripping series.

The Artist’s Touch is the newly retitled, revised, and significantly expanded (by a quarter to a third) version of my very first published book, Northern Light. If you purchased Northern Light, you won’t notice many big plot differences, but there are several new scenes and enhancements to Luke and Stefan’s story.

Tested in Fire is the further adventures of Luke and Stefan, starting about six months after the events in The Artist’s Touch.

The books have gorgeous covers by L.C. Chase–check out the cover reveal on The Novel Approach!

Look for The Artist’s Touch release on February 12th and Tested in Fire on April 2nd!