Enchanted Occasions World

The Enchanted Occasions Event Planning world currently has three books, but another one is on the way in 2022!

The reading order is a little…relative. Nudging Fate and Devouring Flame were published first (in that order), and Best Beast arrived later. However, Best Beast tells the story of the Olesson-Pakulski wedding, the not-so-enchanted occasion that tanked EO’s reputation before the beginning of Nudging Fate.

So, if you want to read in story world event order, start with Best Beast, followed by Nudging Fate, and then Devouring Flame. But if you’d like to get to know the EO crew first, you might want to start with Nudging Fate, and then go back to Best Beast, and follow up with Devouring Flame. Your choice!

The Enchanted Occasions story world

Audio narrated by Kirt Graves

Best Beast, a M/M paranormal rom-com
Nudging Fate, a M/M fantasy romance
Devouring Flame, a M/M fantasy romance