Mythmatched World

There are presently eleven romances in the Mythmatched universe (plus a couple of “sidecar” companion stories)–although this is subject to change when E.J.’s muse ambushes her!

You can find more about the story world sequence by checking out the Mythmatched Timeline, but the basic reading order is:

  • Fae Out of Water trilogy
    • Cutie and the Beast
    • The Druid Next Door
    • Bad Boy’s Bard
  • Supernatural Selection trilogy
    • Single White Incubus
    • Vampire With Benefits
    • Demon on the Down-Low
  • Howling on Hold
  • Possession in Session
  • Witch Under Wraps
  • Cursed is the Worst
  • At Odds with the Gods (a Purgatory Playhouse crossover)
  • The Skinny on Djinni
  • Second First Date (a seven-chapter Vampire With Benefits epilogue)
  • Rusty’s Really Bad Day (a Vampire With Benefits companion story)
  • Assassin by Accident
  • First Flight (takes place between Chapter 33 and the epilogue of Assassin by Accident)

The two trilogies have plot arcs that span the entire three-book series, as well as an HEA/HFN for each book’s primary couple. There are some looser plot threads that connect Howling on Hold and Witch Under Wraps–as well as cameo appearances from characters from earlier books–but those stories aren’t as closely connected as the two trilogies.

(Incidentally, romance isn’t the only thing afoot in the Mythmatched world! Check out the Quest Investigations cozy-ish mysteries too!)

Cutie and the Beast, Fae Out of Water Book One
The Druid Next Door, Fae Out of Water #2
Bad Boy's Bard, Fae Out of Water #3

Fae Out of Water trilogy

Audio narrated by Joel Leslie

Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection #1), M/M paranormal rom-com
Vampire with Benefits (Supernatural Selection #2), M/M paranormal rom-com
Demon on the Down-Low (Supernatural Selection #3) M/M paranormal rom-com

Supernatural Selection trilogy

Audio narrated by Greg Boudreaux

Other Mythmatched romances

Howling on Hold, a gay paranormal romance by E.J. Russell
Witch Under Wraps, a M/M paranormal romance
The Skinny on Djinni, a M/M paranormal romance
Assassin by Accident, a Mythmatched M/M romance
Cursed is the Worst, a M/M paranormal romance
At Odds with the Gods, M/M paranormal rom-com

Free to Subscribers

The Thomas Flair, a M/M gymnastics romance
Second First Date, a Mythmatched companion story
Rusty's Really Bad Day, a Mythmatched Companion Story
First Flight, a Mythmatched companion story
A Very Quest Solstice, M/M paranormal mystery