Royal Powers World

The Royal Powers world–superpowered royalty in two fictional countries!–is a multi-author project. “Season One” comprises ten books, including E.J.’s Duking It Out and Duke the Hall. “Season Two”  kicked off with E.J.’s King’s Ex. You can check out all the books in Season One here, and in Season Two here.

Duke the Hall is a straight-up sequel to Duking It Out, featuring the same central couple: Sander Fiala, Duke of Roses, and Tarik Jaso, Duke of Arles. King’s Ex includes appearances by characters from the two Duke books, but the central couple is King Bastien and Nico Pereira, the manager of the Royal Crest vineyard.

The Royal Powers world

Audio narrated by Kirt Graves

Duking It Out, a M/M royal superhero romance
Duke the Hall, a M/M superhero romance
King's Ex, a M/M superhero romance