Mythmatched Timeline

The books in the Mythmatched universe (both the traditional romances and the Quest mysteries) take place in just over a single story year. Mostly, the story chronology follows publication date, but there are a couple of little overlaps. Here’s the timeline, in case you’d like to read them in order.


Because the series is rooted in Celtic mythology, I’m using Celtic quarter days and cross-quarter days as calendar signposts here. The dates are approximate, however, since all the books span multiple days (and sometimes longer).



Cutie and the Beast, Fae Out of Water Book One

Summer Solstice

Cutie and the Beast

Alun and David


The Druid Next Door, Fae Out of Water #2

Autumnal Equinox

The Druid Next Door

Mal and Bryce


Bad Boy's Bard, Fae Out of Water #3


Bad Boy’s Bard

Gareth and Niall


Single White Incubus cover

Winter Solstice (concurrent)

Single White Incubus

Ted and Quentin

Note: Single White Incubus begins a day earlier than Vampire With Benefits and ends an unspecified number of days earlier as well, but both books essentially cover the same time period.

Vampire With Benefits cover

Winter Solstice (concurrent)

Vampire With Benefits

Cas and Rusty

Note: Vampire With Benefits starts a day later than Single White Incubus (on the same day as Howling on Hold). It ends a little later than Single White Incubus, but earlier than Howling on Hold.

Second First Date, a Mythmatched companion story

Winter Solstice

Second First Date

Cas and Rusty

Second First Date is a free, subscriber-only story that’s essentially a seven-chapter epilogue to Vampire With Benefits. I wrote it for all my readers who wanted to know what happened after “The End.”

Demon on the Down-Low book cover


Demon on the Down-Low

Zeke and Hamish

Note: The last scene in Demon on the Down-Low actually occurs on the vernal equinox itself, after the end of Howling on Hold, but there’s a significant time jump beforehand, and most of the book takes place closer to Imbolc.

Howling on Hold, a gay paranormal romance by E.J. Russell

Vernal Equinox

Howling on Hold

Chase and Tanner

Note: Howling on Hold actually begins on the same day as Vampire With Benefits. (Look at the scene in the Bullpen, the Portland shifter bar, in each book for sightings of familiar characters!) However, the majority of the book takes place closer to the equinox.

Rusty's Really Bad Day, a Mythmatched Companion Story

Vernal Equinox

Rusty’s Really Bad Day

Cas and Rusty (mostly Rusty)

Note: Rusty’s Really Bad Day is a “sidecar” or companion story–closely linked to Vampire With Benefits as well as several other books in the Mythmatched world. It’s set during the second week in March—between the end of Howling on Hold (which takes place on Cas and Rusty’s wedding day) and the last chapter of Demon on the Down-Low (which occurs on the vernal equinox, Mal and Bryce’s handfasting day), and is not intended to stand alone.

Howling on Hold, a gay paranormal romance by E.J. Russell


Possession in Session

Wash and AJ

Witch Under Wraps, a M/M paranormal romance

Summer Solstice

Witch Under Wraps

Ky and Ewan

(Sharp-eyed readers will spot Ky’s first appearance back in Vampire With Benefits. He shows up in Possession in Session, his brother Wash’s story, as well.)

Five Dead Herrings, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery

Pre-Autumnal Equinox

Five Dead Herrings

Matt and Lachlan #1

(The Quest books don’t align quite as neatly with the quarter days, since they’re separated by weeks, not months.)

The Hound of the Burgervilles, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery

Post-Autumnal Equinox

The Hound of the Burgervilles

Matt and Lachlan #2

The Lady Under the Lake, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery


The Lady Under the Lake

Matt and Lachlan #3

Cursed is the Worst, a M/M paranormal romance


Cursed is the Worst

Taj and Kiran

(Cursed is the Worst occurs during the events of The Lady Under the Lake, but Zeke, our favorite demon office manager, is the only character who appears in both.)

At Odds with the Gods, M/M paranormal rom-com


At Odds with the Gods

Finn and Gany

(A Mythmatched/Purgatory Playhouse crossover; takes place concurrently with Cursed is the Worst.)

Death on Denial, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery


Death on Denial

Matt and Lachlan #4

The Skinny on Djinni, a M/M paranormal romance

Post-winter Solstice

The Skinny on Djinni

Hector and Rafi

Assassin by Accident, a Mythmatched M/M romance

Pre-Summer Solstice

Assassin by Accident

Seb and Nevan

First Flight, a Mythmatched companion story

Pre-Summer Solstice

First Flight

Seb and Nevan

First Flight is a Mythmatched “sidecar” or companion story. It takes place between chapter 33 and the epilogue of Assassin by Accident.