Flashback Friday

I’ve written over a hundred blog posts related to my books since I released the first one (Northern Light, later revised and expanded as The Artist’s Touch) back in 2013. I’ve decided to resurrect those posts here on my own blog as a regular Friday feature. A number of the bloggers who featured the original posts are are no longer active, but whenever possible, I’ll link to those sites.

In honor of Cutie and the Beast releasing in audio last month (narrated by the fabulous Joel Leslie), I’m launching Flashback Friday with a post that was never actually published from Cutie‘s original release back in July of 2017. So get ready to board the Wayback Machine, because things have definitely changed since then!

What’s on your whiteboard?

E.J.'s whiteboard

In these days of ubiquitous smartphones, I’m guessing a lot of people keep their shopping lists in an app. At our house, we’re a little more old-school (or maybe just old…). We’ve got a whiteboard on our refrigerator where we jot down things we need the next time one of us goes to the grocery store. (Usually, my Curmudgeonly Husband is the grocery shopper—if he leaves it to me, I just buy potato chips and Honey Nut Cheerios.)

This is what our whiteboard looks like at the moment.

The juxtaposition of “tahini” and “butter” tells so much about our household, with its fusion of Midwestern and Middle Eastern.

Even more telling, however, is that little item in red on the left. I’m not sure what prompted CH to include that on the list—it was a long time ago. Lovely Daughter may have been in high school, but I’m pretty sure Darling Sons A and B hadn’t hit that milestone yet. The fact that moral fiber has remained on the list (and apparently not procured) for over a decade…well, I guess we all need something to aspire to.

If nothing else, it gives our guests a good chuckle—it even inspired DS B’s boyfriend to give us this gift at Christmas.

Moral fiber

As I was staring at our whiteboard the other day while microwaving a frozen something-or-other for lunch (I cook even less than I shop), I started to wonder what other people might have on their lists.

For instance, what would David’s whiteboard look like?

I’ll spare you another picture (especially since my handwriting is dreadful), but I’d imagine his list might look something like this:

  • New bow tie (Red. Maybe with blue stripes, or I don’t know, paisley?)
  • Bird seed
  • Honey
  • Salt (I could swear I just bought this last week. Where did it all go?)
  • Oregon berries! Swing by the strawberry stand on Farmington!!!
  • Stop at Comic World (Dr. Who Lost Dimension #1!!!)
  • Aunt Cassie to Dr. Pritchard, Wednesday, 10:30

(David is big on exclamation marks.)

Then I wondered what Alun would have on his whiteboard and got…nothin’. I can only imagine Alun scowling at the pristine whiteboard as if daring it to tell him what to do.

What about you? What’s on your whiteboard?

2020 Update: CH and I actually keep our grocery list in a shared app now. However, the white board (with its perpetual plea for moral fiber) is still on the refrigerator. Just in case.