My Latest (Virtual) Appearances

I started off the month of June with not one but two excursions out of my introvert writer’s cave! This takes some serious self-pep-talking, since I’m far more comfortable hunkering down here under my metaphorical rock and pecking at the laptop than, you know, talking to actual people! Luckily for me, the people in question are two of the nicest people it’s been my privilege to meet!

I was honored to be a guest on Rachael Herron’s How Do You Write podcast. Can you believe it? Me, talking (on camera, too!). I’m still not sure I believe it, but the evidence is there, on iTunes, on the non-denominational podcast site, and on YouTube. *gulp* I was surprisingly not terrified, primarily because Rachael was so warm and welcoming.

If that wasn’t excitement enough to last me for the next six months or so, my friend (and personal goddess) C. Morgan Kennedy interviewed me for her Melting Pot column at Night Owl Romance. We talked about my Art Medium series (especially Tested in Fire, the second book). C is a big fan of my psychic counselor, Peg (aka Marguerite Windflower), and her ghost sidekick, Hootie. (BTW, C lent her name, Morgan–and her stellar hugs–to a secondary character in For a Good Time, Call…). Thanks, C! For everything!