All Mythmatched books in Kindle Unlimited for a, er, limited time!

All eight of my retail-available Mythmatched books are now enrolled in KU until June 13, 2021! (The ninth book–Possession in Session–remains free to my newsletter subscribers.)

Mythmatched books in Kindle Unlimited

Fae Out of Water trilogy

Cutie and the Beast
⚔️ One cursed fae warrior turned psychologist. One determined office temp. Hello, immoveable object? Meet irresistible force.

The Druid Next Door
🏡 The cranky exiled fae and the unawakened druid are out to save the world! …right after they sort the recycling.

Bad Boy’s Bard
🎸 Old secrets, new lies, and fae behaving badly. What could go wrong?

Supernatural Selection trilogy

Single White Incubus
🐻 Does a bear shift in the woods?

Vampire With Benefits
🦇 A match between a vampire and shifter could be deadly—but this broken beaver doesn’t give a dam.

Demon on the Down-Low
🦘 After decades of unrequited love, this kangaroo will jump at the chance for a date. Any date.

Other Mythmatched adventures

Howling on Hold
🐺 Sometimes it’s harder to teach a young dog new tricks.

Witch Under Wraps
🦜 It’ll take more than coffee to brew the perfect love.