Nudging Fate available for pre-order (almost) everywhere!

Nudging Fate, the first book in my Enchanted Occasions series with Dreamspinner, releases on May 15th, and it’s now available for pre-order at all the major retailer sites as well as at Dreamspinner! This series is about the people (who aren’t entirely human) who work for Enchanted Occasions, an event planning company whose name is not entirely metaphorical!


In this first story, the enchanted occasion in question is “The Courting, Coronation, and Handfasting of His Royal Highness Reyner of Maidencourt, the One True Prince of Faerie.” In other words, it’s The Bachelor meets The Wedding Planner–but with myth and magic!


It’s another of my “paranormal romantic comedies,” like Cutie and the Beast, so if you were a fan of CatB, you might want to check this one out too!