A Very Quest Solstice, M/M paranormal mystery

Cover design by L.C. Chase

A Very Quest Solstice

A Quest Investigations holiday short

It’s our first holiday together, and I’m determined to make it special for Lachlan. Only problem? I know zip about how selkies celebrate, so I don’t even know which winter holiday to pick.

With Lachlan out on a fishing charter, I try to tease some suggestions from my friends, but they’re surprisingly unhelpful. And when we get a tip about a Disappeared sighting, my opportunity for more research evaporates.  

I guess I’ll just have to improvise. Again.


A Very Quest Solstice is a 12K-word holiday coda which builds on characters and situations from the first four Quest Investigations books. It takes place the month following Death on Denial and is not intended to stand alone.

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