Assassin by Accident, a Mythmatched M/M romance

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Assassin by Accident

A Mythmatched story

A Carnival of Mysteries Adventure

If a megalomaniacal earth mage kidnaps your little sister, do you:

A) Kill him

B) Kill him

C) Kill him

D) Magically indenture yourself to him to ensure her safe return

Welsh water horse Nevan Quirke would have happily opted for A, B, or C, but has no idea where his sister is hidden—so, option D it is. He’s not a fool, though. He makes sure to limit his obligation to a single task.

Unfortunately, he neglects to nail down a few tiny details before the geas brand is seared into his skin, and now:

A) He can’t shift

B) He can’t swim

C) He can’t drink

D) If he fails, he’ll be bound to the mage for eternity

Oh, and that task? Assist in an assassination.

If only he weren’t so thirsty.

And if only his partner for the heinous job weren’t the most appealing man Nevan has seen in his entire two-thousand-year life.

Assassin by Accident takes place in E.J. Russell’s Mythmatched universe and is part of the multi-author Carnival of Mysteries Series. Each book stands alone, but each one includes at least one visit to Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, a magical, multiverse traveling show full of unusual acts, games, and rides. The Carnival changes to suit the world it’s on, so each visit is unique and special. This book features grumpy/sunshiny, hurt/comfort, mistaken identity, opposites attract, unexpected derring-do, and of course an HEA—no matter how little the men in question think they deserve it.

Audio narrated by Greg Boudreaux

…be prepared to be charmed.

Paranormal Romance Guild

Russell has a narrative style I find easy to read and it lends itself to an immersive experience. I was drawn in from the start and couldn’t put it down, and really loved seeing familiar faces and the hopes of what is to come in the future. This one is another winner from this author.

Joyfully Jay

…a lovely balance of seriousness, humour, emotion, and romance that keeps the story addictively flowing and enjoyable.  I really enjoyed Assassin By Accident, it was a fun read with a beautiful ending. Highly recommended!!!

Word Nerd Reviews

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