Camera Shy, M/M contemporary rom-com

Cover design by Cate Ashwood

Camera Shy

A contemporary romantic comedy

A former child model-turned-PA who is so done with cameras.

A cocky LGBTQ activist/talk show host who does not lose.

More scarves than midwinter in Boston, and banter.

So. Much. Banter.

Never assume

…that your uber competent personal assistant will get it when you announce your (fake) engagement to him during a live on-air interview with your archnemesis.

Never waver…

…from your plan to punish your arrogant celebrity boss for his presumption by turning your (fake) wedding into a reality competition for event planners.

Never admit…

…that the feelings blossoming between the two of you through seven (fake) engagement celebrations, six (fake) bachelor parties, five (fake) wedding party luncheons, and four (fake) rehearsal dinners are about as (real) you can get.

Seriously funny and tender, this romance that kept me engaged to the conclusion.  Highly recommended.

Love Bytes Reviews

This was a fun slow-burn, fake engagement rom-com with a great cast of main and secondary characters, some of which I hope will get their own stories. *cough Jesse and Curtis cough* Recommendable!

Bayou Book Junkie

Camera Shy is a standalone contemporary romance that I want to see as a movie or TV show immediately. I loved this book so much that I almost didn’t go to bed.

L.D., Amazon reviewer

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