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Monster Till Midnight

An Interdimensional Time Bureau Story

Cross-dimensional fugitive pursuit. Potentially deadly bioengineered creatures. Sinister artifacts. Stolen kisses. Time travel.

Also candy corn. And tap-dancing. You know…the usual.

Brady has put together the best haunted house ever. He’s prepared with mounds of treats, stellar special effects, and an extraordinary welcome for the throngs of trick-or-treaters he expects in his first year at his new place—a gloriously gothic house with the reputation for really being haunted! But the trick’s on Brady: Halloween is almost over and not one person has knocked on his door.

Once a top Interdimensional Law Enforcement agent, Rej was busted down to Creature Control after a run-in with his arch-nemesis. When he tracks a non-sentient construct across the dimensional barrier, he’s sure he’s about to confront Gorvenath again. But the person who bursts onto the porch in a swirl of tuxedo coattails is a monster of a very different sort—but is he Gorvenath’s accomplice or his victim?

Monster Till Midnight is an 11,000-word gay romance featuring a hopeful samhainophile, a suspicious LEO, gratuitous candy corn, and a relationship that threatens to be really, really, really long distance.

Considering this is a fairly short book I am seriously impressed by the amount of world-building the author managed in it. She has created an awesome adversary for the two to battle. Loved, loved, loved and loved this book!!!!

Amazon reviewer

This is a hilarious story that involves not just alternate dimensions, but also includes multiple time streams, techno-magic, and a cross-dimensional villain threatening to destroy it all.

Goodreads reviewer

The premise of this story really captivated me. Rej and Brady have almost a Buzz Lightyear and Woody dynamic, except the aliens are real and out to get you.

Amazon reviewer

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