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Cover design by L.C. Chase

Possession in Session

A Mythmatched story

When an outcast demon is thrust into a medical technician training program, are death and destruction sure to follow?

After centuries of being bound to one greedy magician after another, Auni-jel-Chandu broke free and retreated to Sheol, outcast even among other demons. But then the Realm Accords passed, and suddenly he’s thrust into the Sheol Retraining Initiative as the newest supernatural medical technician student at United Memorial Hospital (aka St. Stupid’s).

Uh oh.

Wash Hernández might be a dud witch—he’d never been able to attract a familiar, so he’s as magic-null as any human—but as a St. Stupid’s orderly, he’s still able to assist supernatural beings who need medical care. But when he meets a bewildered naked demon wandering the hospital corridors and forms an instant connection, he’s not certain who needs help the most.

Possession in Session is an 18,000-word story set in the Mythmatched universe. It occurs chronologically after Demon on the Down-Low and Howling on Hold, but can be read as a stand-alone. It’s only available (for free!) to my newsletter subscribers.


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