Rusty's Really Bad Day, a Mythmatched Companion Story

Cover concept by L.C. Chase

Rusty’s Really Bad Day

A Mythmatched companion story

Something is terribly wrong… And it’s up to Rusty to make it right.

A Note from E.J.

Rusty’s Really Bad Day is what I call a “sidecar” or companion story: It’s not intended to stand alone. Instead, it assumes the reader’s familiarity with other books. In this case, if you haven’t read Vampire With Benefits, the story will make little sense. It also includes references to other Mythmatched universe tales, notably the Fae Out of Water trilogy (Cutie and the Beast, The Druid Next Door, and Bad Boy’s Bard), Howling on Hold, Five Dead Herrings, and The Skinny on Djinni.

In the Mythmatched story world timeline, Rusty’s Really Bad Day happens during the second week in March—between the end of Howling on Hold (which takes place on Cas and Rusty’s wedding day) and the last chapter of Demon on the Down-Low (which occurs on the vernal equinox, Mal and Bryce’s handfasting day).

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