A Very Quest Solstice

Cover design by L.C. Chase A Very Quest Solstice A Quest Investigations holiday short It’s our first holiday together, and I’m determined to make it special for Lachlan. Only problem? I know zip about how selkies celebrate, so I don’t even know which winter holiday to...

The Probability of Mistletoe

A short and sweet opposites-attract, friends-to-lovers, second-chance rom-com featuring an awkward geek on a mission, a determined extrovert with a plan, interfering female relatives of various sizes, and a statistically improbable amount of mistletoe.

An Everyday Hero

A short and sweet opposites-attract, age-gap rom-com featuring a fish-out-of-water geek (who still manages to get a bit soggy), a stand-up blue-collar guy (who can’t see his own worth), unexpected additions to the holiday festivities (some less welcome than others), and more than one serious discussion about the true meaning of the word hero.

Monster Till Midnight

Cross-dimensional fugitive pursuit. Sinister artifacts. Time travel. Potentially deadly bioengineered creatures. Also candy corn. And tap-dancing. You know…the usual.