Quest Investigations Series

The Quest Investigations Series is a cozy(ish) paranormal mystery series that’s set in E.J.’s Mythmatched story world. If you remember, Mal Kendrick and Niall O’Tierney decide to go into business together at the end of Bad Boy’s Bard at the request of the newly wedded Queen and King of Faerie. Quest Investigations, the private detective agency they formed, has a couple of tangential cases in the Mythmatched paranormal romances, notably in Howling on Hold when Chase approaches them to help locate Tanner.

The Quest series books, however, aren’t romances. They’re mysteries with a romantic subplot, and  our point-of-view character is Matt Steinitz (aka Hugh Mann), the former tabloid photographer who had a crush on Ted and aroused Quentin’s incubus ire in Single White Incubus.

The folks in E.J.’s reader group, Reality Optional, thought Matt deserved his own romance, but she’s making him work for it over the four-book series!

Quest Investigations Series

Audio narrated by Greg Boudreaux

Five Dead Herrings, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery

Something’s definitely fishy about this case…

The Hound of the Burgervilles, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery

This case is really going to the dogs…

The Lady Under the Lake, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery

This client is all wet…

Death on Denial, a Mythmatched Cozy-ish Mystery

DOA becomes BRB when this client goes MIA…

A Very Quest Solstice, M/M paranormal mystery

Matt has to improvise. Again.