2017 Rainbow Awards Excitement!

The 2017 Rainbow Awards were announced December 8th, and I was thrilled with the results! A huge thank you to Elisa Rolle, who works so tirelessly to organize the awards every year. This year, the event raised over $13,000 to donate to LGBTQ+ charities.

Wolf’s Clothing won Best Bisexual Paranormal Romance, and was a finalist in Best Bisexual Book!


“The continuation of Russell’s Legend Tripping series lives up the the guantlet thrown down by book one. Trent and Christophe manage to find their way to each other, despite their differences. I enjoyed Russell’s take on the wolf shifter mythos. Unlike anything I have read before.”

“The author creates intriguing plots and subplots, and interesting characters, all wrapped in a wonderful writing style. A superb read.”

The Druid Next Door was awarded Best Gay Fantasy Romance, and was a runner up in Best Gay Book!


“One word to describe this book: Cute! I really liked Mal and Bryce together. At times they make an odd couple but they really match to perfection. This was a well-written fantasy story filled with these couple’s oddness and romance. At times you’ll laugh, at others, you’ll wonder if they’ll make it out alive from the turmoil brought to them at the fairy realm. Bravo, Ms. Russell. Well done!”

Cutie and the Beast tied for second in Best Gay Fantasy Romance, and was a finalist for Best Gay Book!

Clickbait was awarded Honorable Mention in the Gay Romantic Comedy category!

“I absolutely love the two main characters. They are complex and likable, with relatable problems and great chemistry. They’re excellent foils for each other, without being caricatures. Alex Henning, the hot, brawny construction worker with equally heavyweight brains, a heart of gold, and unexpected emotional depths, will remain one of my all-time favorite characters. It’s also a good emotional coming-of-age story for gun-shy Gideon Wallace, whose early experience left him too cautious to enjoy a real relationship. Really an enjoyable story. Loved it.”

“I loved the variety of characters, the interesting setting, and the real life issues they all had to deal with. Gideon and Alex, along with the supporting cast, have a variety of situations and issues they are faced with, their work is not just a thing mentioned in passing, and they are forced to deal with how life, love, friendship, and daily mishaps blend together to create a whirlwind they have to untangle. The story challenges both characters and the reader to look beyond their fears and prejudice, without lecturing anyone. Lessons are learned the way they should be: to trial and frequent errors. As the plot develops, the characters show more of themselves, and everything, including the romance, seems very real.”

“This was a wonderful book, especially if you like holiday stories. The characters were well thought out and original. The plot was interesting and nicely wound through the romance. I loved the geeky chapter headers as well.”