Rainbow Snippets, November 24-25

In the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, readers, writers, and bloggers share short (six sentences) snippets of their LGBTQIA+ fiction or book recs each weekend. This weekend, to gear up for the release of Vampire With Benefits (Supernatural Selection #2) on Monday, here’s a snippet from Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection #1).

In this scene, mismatched husbands Ted (bear shifter) and Quentin (incubus) are trying to meet the requirements for breaking their accidental marriage contract–requirements that necessitate getting rather more…hands-on…than is comfortable.

“Shhh. What I’m saying is, I trust you. I know I’m not the guy you want—”

“That’s not—” Quentin swallowed “—entirely true.”

“So you want me?”

“Gods and devils, yes. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“Lots of people. Most people.” Ted scratched his beard thoughtfully. “Pretty much everyone, actually.”

“You’re delusional. I saw the way everyone in town—men and women—looked at you. All you’d need to do is crook a finger and you’d have all the company you want.”

Ted grinned. “Crook my finger? You mean like this?” He raised one huge hand and beckoned.

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