Rainbow Snippets, December 1 – 2, 2018

In the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, readers, writers, and bloggers share short (six sentences) snippets of their LGBTQIA+ fiction or book recs each weekend. This week’s snippet is from my latest release, Vampire With Benefits. Casimir (a silent film actor-turned-vampire) and Rusty (a beaver shifter who’s never been able to shift) have embarked on a fake marriage because *reasons.* As you might imagine, things don’t work out quite according to plan!

“Don’t tell me your asshole ex actually had sex with you. In that house. Without telling you it wasn’t yours.”

“We, ah, might have done. Once or twice. Or more.”

Anger surged again, heating Cas’s blood. “When was the last time?”

“Kind of a personal question, don’t you think?”


Rusty sighed. “Fine. The day before the engagement announcement.”

Red tinged Cas’s vision, turning the landscape stark and flat. Is that still anger or—gods forbid—jealousy? Perhaps a little of both. He closed his eyes and tried to exercise some hard-won control. He wasn’t particularly successful. He was still angry. Still jealous. But at least he wasn’t about to punch out the window of Rusty’s truck. “Well.” He unclenched his fists, finger by finger. “I hope you washed the sheets.”

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