Rainbow Snippets, February 2 – 3, 2019

In the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, readers, writers, and bloggers share short (six sentences) snippets of their LGBTQIA+ fiction or book recs each weekend. This week, given the festive occasion of Groundhog Day, the Snippeteers were contemplating the end of winter. Since I have zero stories set at this time of year (I think I’m in perpetual February denial), here’s a snippet from Cutie and the Beast, at the turn of a different season. 

Here, David, Alun, and Mal have been forced to make an unexpected and somewhat precipitous exit from the Midsummer Revels in Faerie.

They picked up the pace—not hard to do since this way was almost straight downhill. David had never been afraid of heights, but his stomach tried to hide behind his spine at the nearly vertical view. Alun and Mal must have been half mountain goat, because they never put a foot wrong.

As they barreled down the slope, David heard the baying of hounds over his own wheezing breath.

“Shite.” Mal’s grip tightened on David’s arm. “They’ve called out the pack.”

“Dogs?” David tried to look over his shoulder, a little hard to do in their headlong rush. “Seriously? They’ve set dogs on us? What the hell did you do, Alun?”

“I didn’t swear an oath to the damned Consort, probably violated six different traditions, and broke protocol by leaving without the Queen’s permission, but they’re not chasing me.”

“Hello? Running? Dogs after us? I think that qualifies as a chase.”

“They’re not chasing me, Dafydd. They’re chasing you.”

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