Rainbow Snippets, January 26 – 27, 2019

In the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, readers, writers, and bloggers share short (six sentences) snippets of their LGBTQIA+ fiction or book recs each weekend. It’s the last snippet of January, and since one of the Snippeteers is about to become a cat parent, here’s a feline-related snippet from the end of Clickbait to cheer the process along!

Gideon set Ianto on the floor amid the crumpled remains of the seven other sheets of cat-shredded paper. The kitten batted at a couple of them, then suddenly arched his back, fur puffed along his spine, and bounced forward, stiff-legged.

“It’s an empty box, you ninny, and it’s been sitting in the same spot all afternoon.”

Apparently that didn’t matter to Ianto. He crouched, his little butt wiggling, then leaped for the top of the box. Unfortunately for him, the box had no lid, and he plopped into it, claws scrabbling on cardboard, before his head popped up above the box rim, a picture of feline outrage.

I hope your New Year is off to a rousing start–whether or not kittens are involved! Don’t forget to check out Rainbow Snippets to see what other authors have to offer!