Rainbow Snippets, March 9 – 10, 2019

In the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, readers, writers, and bloggers share short (six sentences) snippets of their LGBTQIA+ fiction or book recs each weekend. This week, the Snippeteers are reflecting on “good” accomplishments and/or “good” plans.

In terms of accomplishments, I’ve released two books over the last two weeks. Whew! One of them was Demon on the Down-Low, the third book in my Supernatural Selection trilogy (and I’m cautiously proud of those books because I love the characters and the world so much). The other was The Boyfriend Algorithm, the retitled re-release of Lost in Geeklandia, the second book I published (and the only M/F book currently in my list). I counted it a huge win that I finally got around to putting this book back into print. Not only that, but I managed to format the files myself and load them into Amazon KU–and in the process learned so much about Scrivener, my writing software of choice!

For this week’s accomplishment/plan snippet, I mined Tested in Firethe second in my Art Medium series. Luke and Stefan are trying to find their feet in their renewed relationship, but Stefan’s plans don’t fit neatly into Luke’s comfort zone!

“You want to paint a full-length nude of me for your fricking show? Full frontal?”

“Weeelll . . .” Stefan squinted at his drawing. “More like three-quarters.”

Luke’s gooseflesh disappeared under a flash of heat. He would be walking around the sprawling gallery downstairs sipping a plastic cup of fucking white wine and everyone in the crowd would know what his body looked like. The twisted scars that crawled over his hip and down his leg. The patch of shiny pink skin that wrapped his ribs. “Oh, hell no.”

“Why not?”

“Have you seen my body?”

Stefan leered at him and waggled his eyebrows. “Every chance I get.”

How about you? Got any good things on the horizon as we inch closer to the vernal equinox?

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