Supernatural Suspense World

E.J. has two supernatural suspense duos, but both of them exist in the same world! How do we know? Because one character–Marguerite Windflower, Psychic Counselor, appears in both!

And if you look carefully in Howling on Hold, you can see this world dip a toe into the Mythmatched universe when Chase gives Tanner his birthday gift:

Tanner folded the paper back. It wasn’t chocolates. It was a book. A hardcover book—Wolves in Legend and Lore—the very book he’d mooned over when Chase took them all to Powell’s City of Books for an assimilation outing last week. It was written by a folklorist not much older than Tanner and had only been released that very day.

The folklorist in question is clearly Riley Morrell, one of the heroes from Stumptown Spirits–who just as clearly must have been inspired to write a book after the events in Wolf’s Clothing!

Stumptown Spirits, M/M supernatural suspense
Wolf's Clothing, M/M supernatural suspense

Legend Tripping duology

The Artist's Touch book cover
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