The Boyfriend Algorithm Returns!

When I first started publishing back in 2013, I assumed I’d be splitting my books between M/F and M/M pretty much evenly. My first release (in 2013) was Northern Light (now revised and expanded as The Artist’s Touch), a M/M supernatural suspense novella. At about the same time Northern Light  released, I contracted my second book with the same publisher–Lost in Geeklandia, a M/F romantic comedy, the first in what I intended to be a series that included both M/F and M/M stories. Because of changes at the publisher, the book didn’t release until 2015. They weren’t interested in the second book in the series (M/M), and passed on another M/M supernatural story, so I took those books to a different publisher, who accepted them (Clickbait and Stumptown Spirits, in case you’re wondering).

Since that second publisher specialized in queer romance, and I liked working with them, I pretty much abandoned development on any new M/F books. I got the rights back for Lost in Geeklandia, and although it’s the first in series, republishing it was never at the top of my priority list. But now, five years and eighteen M/M romances later, I’ve finally gotten around to rebirthing it as The Boyfriend Algorithm, my lone (so far) hetero love story!

The Boyfriend Algorithm introduces the Portland-based geek gang whose adventures continue in Clickbait. Three roommates (Charlie, Gideon, and Lindsay), and their enigmatic friend Toshiko, attempt (with varying degrees of success) to navigate the murky waters of romantic relationships.

The Boyfriend Algorithm is Charlie’s story. When a brilliant (but terminally awkward) computer scientist must prove the accuracy of her own matchmaking algorithm on herself, can a total system crash be far behind?

(Cover design by the awesome L.C. Chase, who also designed the Clickbait cover.)


Technology is easy. Relationships? Not so much.


When introverted computer engineer Charlie Forrester developed a passive matchmaking model for her doctoral dissertation, she never expected it to go beyond theoretical. Now, with her dream job on the line, she has thirty days to prove her program’s accuracy. The only problem? She’s the test subject, and her stupid algorithm has chosen watchdog reporter Daniel Shawn, her childhood best friend-turned-nemesis, as her perfect partner.


Notorious for his relentless pursuit of technology fraud, Daniel’s reputation tanked when he fell victim to an online matchmaking con. When he discovers evidence of a scam reboot, he’s convinced it’s the perfect story to redeem his career.


Charlie has awkwardness down to a science, but a relationship with Daniel could mean more than simple humiliation. If he discovers her algorithm uses the same concepts as the sting that ruined him, he could destroy her professional credibility forever.


But as Charlie gradually emerges from her techno-cave, she realizes that being outed as the “Love Programmer” might be less devastating than actual love.


(The Boyfriend Algorithm is a retitled and slightly expanded edition of Lost in Geeklandia.)